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While the concept of traceability is not new, there has been a mindset shift in recent years. Historically, concerns about technology, privacy and economic costs have challenged the development of a cattle disease traceability system. Today, industry stakeholders across the United States recognize the need for a viable end-to-end cattle disease traceability system, which provides critical tools to manage a disease outbreak and may provide opportunities to add value to the industry.

Multiple initiatives signaled beef producers are ready to be leaders in the important topic of animal disease traceability. These include the industry-driven prioritization of an expanded cattle disease traceability system at the Kansas Strategic Agriculture Growth Summit, the Kansas Livestock Association membership amending policy in support of mandatory cattle disease traceability for all ages of cattle and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association commissioning a feasibility study on traceability, known as the World Perspectives Inc. (WPI) Report, as part of the Beef Industry Long Range Plan. Serving as the guiding document for the foundation of CattleTrace, the WPI Report is based on survey results from over 600 producers from across the United States and includes a comprehensive analysis of traceability systems from around the world.


The CattleTrace Program is being designed as a multi-phased initiative to trace animals through the supply chain and identify opportunities to improve the robustness of the system.  Development and outreach for the project took place in the first three quarters of 2018, while data collection started in fall 2018 and will continue through spring 2020. 

In late August 2018, CattleTrace, Inc., was formally established as a private, not-for-profit corporation to securely maintain and manage the data collected as part of the disease traceability pilot project. In addition, a Board of Directors was named to lead CattleTrace, Inc., with an appointed industry advisory committee comprised of representatives from the Kansas Livestock Association, Kansas State University, Kansas Department of Agriculture and private industry implementing operations of the project. The Board of Directors includes the following:

  • Chairman Brandon Depenbusch, Innovative Livestock Services

  • Vice Chairman Tom Jones, Hy-Plains Feedyard, LLC

  • Ken Stielow, Bar S Ranch

  • Mark Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch

  • Neil Bouray, Mankato Livestock, Inc.

  • Wes Killion, Beef Northwest

Past Board Members:

  • Mike Samples, Farmers and Ranchers Livestock (August 2018-2019)



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